Thursday, September 20, 2007

Green Jokes

I am still feeling a bit harried by my trip up North. Leave it to a vacation to make you feel like you need a vacation as you try to play catch-up at work and at home. I am juggling (like all of you are) several presentations for work, a poster session for an upcoming conference, checking in with my blogging buddies, and tentatively beginning a new journey down a new path: freelance writing. I enjoy doing all of these things but do ya think that locking my keys in my car is my brain trying to tell me something? Fortunately Sprout and Pip were not in the car with my keys and at least I don't have to worry about canning peaches like Daring Young Mom. Read her post - it's a keeper. And, to top it all off I'm still on laundry load number three, dudes.

Here are some posts that are in the hopper:

More DC Greenery, including the winners of Michelle Singletary's eco-friendly contest and the upcoming Green Festival.

Miss Kitty et al.: Gather yee supply list...this weekend will be The Great Freezer Paper Tutorial. Remember, I'm no expert but if I can do it, you can do it. Trust me. Halloween images are perfect for freezer paper projects: lots of spooky silhouettes.

Some magazine round-ups: Yes, my addiction to the glossies is serving me very well. Allow me to crunch the numbers for you. It really is a DUTY to go through all of these magazines looking for green tid-bits. It's a tough job, but somebody, SOMEBODY, has got to do it. Let it be me.

And, my goodness, I almost forgot to write about the title of my post. Good thing I read it to remind myself! Wouldn't you think by now there would be a dearth (is that a word?) of Green Jokes? I mean you'd think any joke that relies heavily on the number of people needed to screw in a lightbulb would just be ripe for so good old-fashioned CFL humor. Any one?

Tomorrow is Computer Free Friday! See you on the flip side!


Mary Beth said...

When you do your freezer paper tutorial can you give any insight into where to buy freezer paper? I can't find it anywhere!

Gift of Green said...

MB - I found my freezer paper in Whole Foods of all places. It is by Reynolds and was on the same aisle as the tinfoil, plastic wrap, etc. I had never seen it before in my life. Anyone else having trouble finding freezer paper?