Monday, June 29, 2009

Sorry to leave you hanging...

so to speak! We have so many new clothesline challenge members from all around the world, I'm happy to report!

Here are a few friends that have recently joined us:

Patricia, aka Sunflower Mama, writes, "We're Super Star/Advanced. I hang everything. My husband does not. But having a husband who helps with laundry is good enough for me. He can throw it in the dryer. =) In May we washed 18 loads, hung 16. For June we're 2 for 2.
I have three lines. Two go from the back porch to a tree. The last one is between two trees. I don't have anything for indoors. I hang outside year round. It just takes a load 1-2 days in the winter, compared to 1-2 hours in the summer. Thank you for hosting"

My pleasure, Sunflower Mama, and wow!, good work on your high clothesline to dryer ratio!

My dear friend (can I call you that, Susiej?) sent an update as quick as her slow internet access at the lake would allow: "I am using my clothesline!!! But, forgot to post about this... when I get my fast internet connection back, I will post this."

Keren checked in all the way from Israel to say, "I think I earned the super-star level. I hate the dryer and never use it. I live in sunny Israel and it's a pity not to use the natural sun, which gives me the feeling that not only does it dry the clothes but also cleans some stains.
great challenge! keep up the good work!"

Same to you, Keren!!