Wednesday, September 26, 2007

We've Been Leaded Update - The Mattel Matter

You may remember my post in which I waxed poetic (not!) about Sprout and Pip's lead Dora and Diego figurines.

After carefully packaging up three sets of Dora and Diego-related items, I shipped them back to Mattel headquarters (no, I did not drive there and demand that they look through the toys themselves). According to the paperwork, if all the items were determined to be lead-affected, I would receive a rebate check for over thirty dollars.

Yesterday, I received a check in the mail from Mattel. For six dollars. On the one hand I was relieved. That meant that Mattel did not think my stash of NickJr. treats were all bad. But on the other hand I was a bit peeved. Mattel had my stash of NickJr. treats and I had six dollars. But, I shrugged my shoulders and let bygones be bygones. I was trying to wean myself from the plastic anyway.

Today, when I returned home from work, there was a box waiting for me, return address: Mattel. Inside? All my Diego and Dora paraphenalia that Mattel had evidently deemed safe for consumption. I'm not trying to defend Mattel, but heck, the look on the faces of Sprout and Pip when they saw their Diego Field Journal and Diego Artic Rescue was priceless. I thought it was pretty decent of Mattel to ship the items back. I'm just sayin'.


Anonymous said...

Tell your husband that Mary Alice McMorrow who works for Mattel personally sent the unleaded items back to your family because she has always worshipped him from afar.

Gift of Green said...

I'll pass your message along, Yorkie. :)

Mary Beth said...

Well, I'm glad your littles ones are happy and lead-free, but this was a missed opportunity to de-plastify and little bit! Oh well.

Gift of Green said...

Yes, I know. :( I had felt a little awkward about the whole thing because they were Sprout and Pip's favorite toys of the moment. No more plastic will be our new mantra.