Monday, September 3, 2007

ARRRRRRRRR - T. Rex in Freezer Paper

I. did. it. I did a craft. It came out reeeeee-ally well. Perhaps you think I am bragging. Well, I kind of am because, if you must know, I do not have a good crafting history, shall we say. I have started about a dozen "hobbies" and usually give up. But in my, ehem, old age I have finally learned that nothing is accomplished without hard work and some massive mess-ups. So after learning about freezer paper here I became inspired. I did this while the kids took naps and if you want to, you can too. Here it is...T. Rex in Freezer Paper:


See my freezer paper tutorial here!


Jody said...

That is very cool! What did you use to get the paint on the shirt? I'm getting ready to do a couple silhouettes and am concerned about getting the paint too thick.

Gift of Green said...

Jody - I used the cheapest pack of brushes that I could find at Michael's. I squirted the fabric paint right on the stencil/t-shirt and just did a thin layer, but making sure the paint got in to all the corners especially. Also, while whatever it is dries, make sure you put something between the back and the front, like cardboard or a book so that they don't stick together.

Mary Beth said...

Awesome! I was just Googling "freezer paper stencils" last night! I'm very interested in making some. Congratulations on a very cool craft; it looks wonderful!

Mary Beth said...

Oh, and I just saw you have "The Time Traveler's Wife" on your book list. It is *so* good--you are in for a treat!

SusieJ said...

I LOVE that. I have freezer paper -- and -- geesh, that's so cool.
My cd arrived -- and just in time for Josh to think he got another present for his birthday. Yes, from Gift of Green.
Thank you.

Stacey@Look, Mom, Look! said...

This is so great! My sister and I have a long history of "trying" crafts. They usually end up in a hilarious way, but this looks totally doable!
By the way, The Time Traveler's Wife is a GREAT book!

miss kitty said...

Sorry to be so slow, but did you cut the TRex out of freezer paper? I don't understand what you did with the paper. Please give full details cuz the dino shirt is c-o-o-l.

Gift of Green said...

Miss Kitty et al,
I will do a freezer paper tutorial with pictures this weekend and post. It's fun and super easy. Supply List: freezer paper (mine is by Reynolds. I found it in Whole Foods), Exacto knife. cutting mat, iron, fabric paints (I purchased one bottle of fabric paint at Michael's), brushes (as I mentioned I purchased the cheapest set of brushes - again at Michael's), a design in mind - I traced a dinosaur bookmark to get the basic outline and then enhanced the details, t-shirt or other item for your image, ironing board (or as I did, a towel on a table).

Pinks & Blues said...

OK, this is very cool!! Thanks for sharing. Great activity for a Fall day!! Love your blog and what it is all about. So important!!
- Audrey
Pinks & Blues