Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Before I go any further, I have several housekeeping issues that I must address. No, not my housekeeping! Housekeeping in general (what is the origin of that phrase and why is it always used at conferences when they want to start by telling you where the bathrooms are or when the breaks will be?).

Maybe it's because some of my readers are from places where there isn't a lot of hunting, but I have received several emails telling me that freezer paper is probably as rare as gilding in their particular neck of the woods. So...as a public service, the first three people who let me know via comments that they cannot find freezer paper will receive a box of Reynolds Freezer Paper courtesy of moi. (Hey Reynolds...here's your opportunity to shine. Email me.) If I've already offered to send you some, no need to comment. Now SusieJ and Because I'm Me already know I'm a bit...er...post office-ally challenged, so plan for those Christmas freezer paper projects! Just kidding. I'll send them out this weekend, so please comment by midnight EST, Friday, September 28th.

Moving on. My computer is dying. I have a Compaq nx9010 and I can barely hear you guys because the fan is so. loud. The fan is on all. the. time. That can't be good. My laptop has served me well for over five years now and considering I won it in a raffle (read: free but for the price of a ticket), I have been uber-happy with it, especially the huge (by today's standards) keyboard. It served me well during two bouts of bedrest and has helped me kick off my very lucrative blogging career (oh, gosh, I'm so funny).

But, I now get more mysterious error messages than ever whenever I boot up and speaking of booting, it really can take between 7 to 10 minutes from the time I hit the "on" button to the time I can actually start typing. I don't want to jinx you Baby, but Compaq nx9010, I just want to give you the rest that you deserve. (But not before I download all the baby pictures I've been foolishly saving to my hard drive). So, (do you see where this is leading?)...what laptop do you use? Would you recommend it? Should I make the leap to Mac? And...I don't suppose there's anything Green about a computer, is there? Bamboo space bar? Perhaps to go truly green I should just take my laptop in for some TLC?


Anonymous said...

Would you mind posting a pic of the finished pumpkin shirt? Personally, I think the nurse should have won. The coffee toilet guy has entirely too much time on his hands and BTW, you can sink a brick in the tank or maybe Starbucks should invest in low-flow toilet tanks for their bajillions of shops.

Anonymous said...

Freezer paper is hard to find. But it's in the grocery store ladies -- it's just not where it's suppossed to be. Sometimes they put it with baked goods, sometimes with trash bags, and sometimes with toilet paper. But ask the manager to get it -- and if he doesn't have it, tell him it's time. There's a blog revolution going on at Gift of Green!

Jody Sanders said...

I have no computer suggestions but I can't wait to hear what you decide. I'm leaning towards a Mac myself, they are just so reliable.

I'm stocked on freezer paper ... but you've got me racking my brain wondering where the heck I bought it!

Mary Beth said...

Hi Amy. I've got a mac and I love it. It's so user friendly! But it's not a laptop. Both of my older kids have mac books and they love them.

Gift of Green said...

Miss. Kitty - Yes, I will post a picture of the finished pumpkin shirt. Thanks for the reminder!

Mac-Lovers - I am considering taking the leap and going for the Mac Book. Eeek!

mom go green said...

mac mac mac mac mac mac mac mac mac mac mac
you'll be so happy. a blogging fiend. mac.

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

take the leap for the macbook! you only live once. :) forget about "fixing" the old one( for the kiddies) they need to play in the mud! not sit in front of the computer:)