Monday, August 20, 2007

Traipsing Tuesday - Adventures in Wanna Greening

Yes, you. Call it what you will, but yes, you there. You have been engaging in activities that could be classified as Green. [Insert this cute invisible button onto your page - sorry!] Our second Traipsing Tuesday spies:

The Homely Year. Okay, I have absolutely no idea what a skint is and can't calculate the true value of five pounds, but she haunts sales and charity shops for items such as the ones pictured. And an interesting take on Farmers Markets UK vs US style. Visit The Homely Year and while you're there, drool over the photographs.

Knitting Iris. Is it just me, or am I the most boring-est mother ever? I mean, when was the last time you took your children to the scrap metal yard? But, scroll down, scroll down, scroll's the outdoor sculpture/wind chime/thingies that really caught my eye plus a recommendation for the Incredible Indoor Outdoor Book which evidently is as hard to find as...well, me in a scrap metal yard, but sounds absolutely fabulous.

Okay, I'm cheating here a bit. I have heard of The Angry Chicken. I can no longer remember where I heard about her first but TAC keeps popping up more and more. Angry Chicken this, Angry Chicken that! Blah, blah, blah, Angry Chicken blah, blah, blah. What could be so great about Angry Chicken? Oh. Neeeeevermind. Here's her post on Not Made in China - she makes her own toys. What kind of mother am I?! SOB! I'm loving The Angry Chicken dammit.

Are you sensing a theme? I think these bloggers may be on to something - recycle reuse reduce, thy name is crafty people!

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Mary Beth said...

Great links! Thank you! I've been a fan of the Angry Chicken for awhile now, especially since I read/have been sewing from her book.