Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Traipsing Tuesday - Blogs That Make You Go...Green

Since I started blogging 63 posts ago, I have made some fabulous, albeit, virtual friends - all fellow wanna-greenies, most of which are doing much better at this green business than I am. They are my daily reads and their links, for the most part, are to the left under Links to Like.

But lately, as I've been traipsing through the blogosphere, I have found many other moms who, while they don't call themselves "green", are trying some very green ideas indeed.

Hmmm...this may call for a Gift of Green Award! (Cute button needed?) Here are this week's five unsuspecting "winners" and their greenesque posts - (but you know you are all winners, don't you?).

Everyday Mom - for reading, like so many of us are, "Last Child in the Woods" and for making a yummy soup from her local farmer's market scores.

I'm An Organizing Junkie - We all like to get organized but if you're like me, you get the feeling that you *must* go out a purchase new junk to organize our junk! Laura's post appeals to both the organizer in us and the wanna-greenie when she suggests a great way of recycling cereal boxes, cracker boxes or tea boxes in order to...well, there I've gone and said too much already. Check her out!

Big Binder for a week's worth of recipes that are Farmer's Market friendly!

Fast Times @ Homeschool High tackles two topics of interest in one post - ways for homeschooling folks to integrate some paperless strategies into their lesson plans and daily routines.

and finally,

The Adventures of Benjamin Zane - these people started their own organic coop for Greeness Sake! Yowser!

Congratulations and I look forward to seeing who else is greening it up for nexts week's Traipsing Tuesday.


BigBinder said...

Why thank you! I would definitely not call myself green. Maybe green-ish. Leaning towards green? Yeah, that's it. Can you make a leaning towards green button? :)

Gift of Green said...

Yes, maybe a little button with some green baby footprints on it...baby steps, baby steps!