Monday, May 14, 2007

Green Recap

So it has been almost a month since I started this blog to chronicle my attempts at going green. So, where have we been, what have we done, and more importantly, where the frick are we going?

We have very successfully implemented our CFL plan. This was probably the easiest step we took in our quest for the green. We replaced seven incandescent bulbs with seven n:vision CFLs; they take a few seconds to "warm up" but once they do they seem to be brighter than our old incandescents and there's none of the flickering I was concerned about. I'll let you know if I see any change in our electric bill, especially since I am using my dryer much less frequently.

While at Whole Foods the other day, I picked up a bunch of organic bananas from Dole and taking a tip from mom go green, I quickly looked to see how far these bananas had come. For having traveling all the way from Colombia, these bananas don't look half bad. But from the "where the frick are we going" category, an excellent post by SusieJ makes me wonder if I should even be bothering with things like organic bananas. What is worth paying organic for and what is not? A topic to explore in the near future and one on which I would love to hear your opinions.

I am still excited about the DC Green Festival. Will there be a contingent of green bloggers there? :)

In the debit column, The Worm Bin is Dead. Long Live the Worm Bin. There were maggots and flies and just typing that makes me, as Chris says, throw up a little bit into my mouth. You'd think as a librarian I would have done some RESEARCH into how to properly construct a worm bin, but no. Let the aforementioned vermin be a lesson to me; in the meantime, back to the drawing board. I have not done a thing about my Junk(mail) in the Trunk, and I would say I have only successfully used my reusable mug 50% of the time. Speaking of coffee mugs, I am honored to have won SusieJ's recent contest on diner lingo and earned myself a gift card to Starbucks. This has got me and my caffeine addiction wondering: is Starbucks the evil empire when it comes to the green machine? Can I be green and a Starbucks devotee? To quote a frog "It's not that easy being green." when it comes to the caffeine conundrum. I also want to address my car-leaking-brake-fluid-admission because this is really quite inexcusable. My car is a 1995 with 150,000 miles on it and the replacement part (the something something brake something something) is proving quite difficult to find. My trusty mechanic is working on it, so I promise, this is definitely on my urgent-flag-to-take-care of list.

Until we green again,

Gift of Green Mom

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NANA said...

As for starbucks...they have a "fair trade" coffee, which is a must buy, according to a PBS special i saw.......Also a must buy organic is apples, strawberries(but you have your own home grown), lettuce, spinach, and peaches. all are heavy sprayed! and soon you wil have your own figs:)