Thursday, April 26, 2007

Welcome to Gift of Green

As a mom, I spend a lot of time trying to come up with gift ideas. Birthdays, Christmas, being good at the doctor's office. It seems that I equate "gifts" with "things." The concept of "going green" has become the Next Big Thing and the more I think about it, the more I realize that the best "gift" I can ever give my children, and their children, is a healthy living environment where people and the environment actually work in harmony.

Please join me as I focus on my efforts to go green. My goal is to focus on the areas that get the most attention in my life:

Home - we are planning an addition to our modest Cape Cod and hope to incorporate as much green as we can. As for our current abode, I am guilty of the mindset that the harsher the chemicals the better the clean.

Cars - We use our one car and one truck daily. How can we minimize our impact on the environment, our wallet and on our vehicles?

Landscape - My husband is a landscaper and has begun a beautiful transformation of our yard. I have no idea what the concept of green means for our landscape but I hope we can plan wisely.

Work - I won't get into to much detail here, but I work for one of the largest employers in my region. Is green on their agenda?

Kids - Much to be learned here and much restraint on my part is needed.

Food - We eat a lot o' crap...and not just stuff that's crappy for us, but I suppose crappy to produce.

Marriage - Can "green" help us after the kids have gone to bed? : )

I am looking forward to reading your comments as you help me give my family the best gift of all: The Gift of Green

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