Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Snug as a Bug

Good day. My house has strep throat, so I am able to blog mid-day. We now return to our regularly scheduled posting.

We own a small 1950s Cape Cod with two bedrooms on the first floor, a combined dining/living room, a small kitchen, two full baths, and one bedroom in a dormered second floor. Our goal is a September 2008 groundbreaking for a modest addition: adding on to the side of the house to create an expanded kitchen and dining room, family room, and the addition of two small bedrooms for Pip and Sprout above. With all the the green buzz, my husband...um...let's call him...Heath...I'll be Heather! Oh, I crack myself up...can't help but be excited about incorporating as much green as we can...so where do I start...with the important things: rugs.

I am so shallow.

We need a combination of hearty, due to our two small children, and environmentally friendly, also due to our two small children. But can the twain meet? Before all this hullaballo I was going to Stainmaster our entire house and call it a day. Now that's not as acceptable to me. So, with an eye to the future, I've begun my quest for the perfect rugs for the dining room and the family room. I welcome your suggestions and experiences.



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