Wednesday, May 23, 2007

My GreeMeme

If you're the bloggy blog type, you know all about memes - maybe too much, in fact. In any case, I have been tagged by one of the very first bloggers I've ever read on a regular, some might say, addictive basis. I have described her blog as light and airy and while Ms. Mary has her ups and downs like us all, she sure does know how to appreciate the little things in life. Thank you, Mary.

So, in an attempt to fulfill both my obligation to the meme and the theme of my blog, here goes:

Eight Random Facts About Me (The Green Edition)

Sometimes at work, when the newspapers come in plastic bags and the cabinet where we keep the plastic bags are positively overflowing, I just throw the plastic bags in the trash

I realize that while I do take long showers, as a mom I rarely take showers, so I think it all evens out.

My husband is about 1000% more green than I am; in fact, he does most of the gardening, landscaping, and composting. I just take the pictures of it and blog about it.

I am reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver and I love it. I am just up to the asparagus part.

I recently reconnected (love Google) with a friend I knew from my time in Seattle and who was Green before it was a la mode. I hope to be even more inspired by her and her connection with nature.

When I was in Harris Teeter the other day, I was for a moment paralyzed by all of the choices. I couldn't remember what I was supposed to buy and what I wasn't. I bought Uncle Ben rice in individual boxes. I don't think being paralyzed by Green is what nature intended. I need to learn to do the best I can.

Tuesday night I smoked several cigarettes while out with a friend. The Anti-Green.

My children are eating the strawberries in our garden just as fast as the strawberries are turning red. Sprout kept saying, "MMMmmmmmmmm." as she ate them. I guess that's not really a random fact about me, but can I say that that made me feel incredibly happy?

I'm new to this blogging business, so now I am supposed to "tag" eight other bloggers (Eight!). I don't think I know eight other bloggers, so here are five...if you don't do this kinda thing, no worries. It won't bring you bad luck to break the chain.

SusieJ - A beautiful writer with five men in her life.
Jenny Rough - A transplanted CA-er living the freelancer life in Virginia
Mom Go Green - My inspiration for all blogs Green
Mindful Momma - Another inspirational Greenie Mom
Lots and Lots of Nonsense - Always upbeat although she is very, very tired right now.

Tomorrow...What's My Line, from Venice.


G.Ramps said...

"Tuesday night I smoked several cigarettes while out with a friend. The Anti-Green."

WHAT???? You are the one who got me to stop smoking! When you were 6! Now cut that out ...

Gift of Green said...

Green Gramps...
But aren't you glad that this event was so out of the ordinary that it was blog-worthy?!
It will never happen again. :)

Jenny Rough said...

I'm reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle too and LOVE it!