Monday, May 7, 2007

The Worms Crawl In...

The other day, while my husband was home with Pip and his strep throat, they put together a very snazzy Worm Bin.

First my husband took three empty Tidy Cat litter bins (why was he saving them? who knows. this is the beauty of my husband) and drilled holes along the bottom of each. Then he simply nested them inside of one another. The first image is the Worm Bin fully assembled. The second bin catches the worm poops and the third bin catches the worm juice which is used for watering plants and such. The final image is of our worm bin in action. We keep it right outside our kitchen door where it is shady all day long. Show me your worm bin. Yeah, baby!

The actual design of the Worm Bin will probably need some tweaking and if you see something VERY VERY wrong with our worm bin (like, " are your worms *breathing?*") please let us know. We want to create life, not destroy it.

1 comment:

Mary Tsao said...

Have I ever shown you our worm bin? Heh. Sounds like a pick-up line!

Seriously, we have one, but it was my husband's idea, not mine. I do dutifully save food scraps for it. No meat or bread, though. No citrus either.

I can't tell if your bin is going to work or not. I'll get my husband to check out your post.