Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Love My MOM

Before I go any further...look what arrived in the mail today:

Thank you SusieJ! Your stationary is adorable!

But, no, SusieJ is not my mom...so let me continue.

Here's What's My Line for today:

The sun is so strong I can even double items up and they still get dry in about twenty minutes.

But, What's My Line isn't mom-related either.

Today I am working a split shift, so on my way home I stopped by someplace that I've been dying to try for some time. My Organic Market, or MOM. I love MOM. It has a little bit more of a co-op feel than Whole Foods - more of a PCC feel to it, which I used to frequent rarely, if ever, when I lived in Seattle. Ah, wasted opportunities!

I purchased organic milk which was, of course, about $1.50 cheaper than my "conventional" grocery store, some non-trans-fat chips for the kiddos and the hubby (I'm not kidding myself; junk food is junk food, but hey, I'm trying, remember), some yummy looking frozen vegetable spring rolls, and an adorable "energy bar" called the Bumble Bar. Yes, I'm a sucker for packaging so you got me Bumble Bar, Inc. It resembled one of those things you put out for the birds, what with all the sesame seeds, but it was yummy, what with all the brown rice syrup and evaporated cane juice.

Best of all, I've added to my collection of .99 resusable bags! I'm about ready to give up the plastic or paper for good, although they do have their uses which I will elaborate on when you're not eating lunch.

Have a green day, everyone, and thanks for visiting!

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SusieJ said...

What a sweet picture!! Mail, today, real mail, is a rarity. Stamps, envelopes, all of those ancient items ...