Saturday, May 26, 2007

Building a Better Minivan - The Hybrid Affair

Okay, minivan fans. Diane at Big Green Purse has posted a nice summary about Toyota's attempt to build the perfect hybrid minivan, and she notes, there is a petition to be May 28th! So if you would like Toyota to bring the minivan to the United States instead of sending it to the big test drive in the sky, let know, by signing The Union of Concerned Scientists petition at their Hybrid Center website.

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SusieJ said...

OK. This the the only thing I can't live with about being a Mom of 4 boys. I hate the van. I hate the van. I hate the van. It's boxy, it's bulky, and it's not sporty at all. It makes me feel frumpy. It's like wearing Grandma's housedress. Please, someone in Detroit or Japan, make something really cool for me!!