Thursday, May 10, 2007

It's a...Vegetable!

The Strep has returned - this time Sprout has it. Seeing as we are supposed to throw away all toothbrushes 24 hours after diagnosis, I'd better look into my green options - we're about to enter the new growth toothbrush forest at this point.

I must tell you that my neighbors and I got in!! No, not to a popular pre-school, not to summer session swim classes for the tots, not even to the park with no parking! We have beaten the odds and now "own" a share of Community Supported Agriculture!

Who knew that shares were hotter really hot! But we are proud to announce that we will be getting a weekly delivery (well, we pick it up, but you get the idea) of fresh vegetables and assorted sundries from Even' Star Organic Farms! Isn't she adorable!

Are you looking to buy into a share too? These's still time (well, maybe!). For more information on CSAs and other organic foods at a place near you, visit LocalHarvest and search by zip code.

I can hardly wait to show your our first delivery.

Speaking of food, SusieJ has a fun way to test your knowledge of diner lingo over at her site. I failed miserably. See what you can do, with legs.

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