Friday, May 11, 2007

Friday Greenings

The other day I had several hours to myself and I spent them at a local garden. It was a beautiful morning. I walked along the brick pathways, stopping to smell the roses (lilacs, actually). Poking around the "kitchen garden", I saw spindly asparagus, some type of cabbage that had already bolted, and a wonderful teepee made of bamboo and string with snowpea tendrils already starting their climb upwards. There were simple but beautiful structures made to accomodate climbing beans - just old bicycle wheels afixed to the top of posts, with twine forming the supports. I passed people as they walked the grounds for exercise, and everyone said hello. Sitting down on a warm, worn wood bench, I read my book for a while, listening to the small birds chirping and warbling just above my head in a bird house that was actually fashioned to look more like a mansion. Every now and again I would look up, at the sky, its blueness, feeling the sun on my face. I have not been one to observe, notice, or take part in nature for a long, long, long time. It really is restorative. It is also free. It cannot be taken away, lost, is never too expensive, it cannot be broken, you can find it any where and every where. On my way out, I passed through the children's garden, past a huge caterpillar made from recycled materials and saw a fig tree just covered in tiny new fruits. There were more fruits than leaves! I returned to the plant shop and chose my own fig tree, one with just three leaves and barely six inches tall. Like me, it will enjoy the full sun and mild winters. Time to go hang out the clothes...


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