Tuesday, June 17, 2008

To Make a Long Story Short (too late)...

Green Nana got us a subscription to the Sunday New York Times as a gift (and yes, it's more eco-friendly to read online, but not nearly as texturous, as my friends SHH would say) and this past Sunday a story on the front page of the style section pretty much jumped off the page at me.

A piece about fashionable Siggs? No. Swanky tree forts? Nah. The latest in organic cottons? Nope.

A story about New York/New Canaan resident Melissa C. Morris, who, according to the Times article is just so darn nice. And...wait for it, wait for it...she has a blog. 'Nuf said. I was all over it and yes, she does seem totally fun.

As I read through the "back issues", I found this post, which combines my love of windows into other people's worlds with a bit of green to boot.

See, this is a green-related post after all!

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Anonymous said...

TOTALLY interesting!! And that's awesome about the NYT subscription. I once had one, but found it difficult to live the rest of my life until I was done reading it from front to back, which never happened.