Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Works for Me Wednesday - One Word


{{Visit wordier WFMW suggestions over at Shannon's House}}


Update: Per Thia's request, I am posting a disclaimer: Warning, perusing a database of adorable handmade things made by very crafty people can put a serious dent in your productivity, not to mention your wallet. You've been warned.


Thia said...

You need a disclaimer that going over that can cause the loss of time...I go over there and it just disappears....I am staying away today!

Mary Beth said...

Ooh, you and Soule Mama are both posting about Etsy today. Great minds, you know. I just made my first Etsy purchase last week and it was so fun and honestly felt green and wholesome buying something made in the USA by a home crafter.

The Not Quite Crunchy Parent said...

Oh're right!

BTW- please check out my TT post- I have a question for you on your great suggestion yesterday!

Katia said...

*laugh* Etsy is dangerous indeed!

I dropped by here on a whim via "the not quite crunchy parent's" TT! :)

SusieJ said...

Wow -- great idea.

Gift of Green said...

Thia and Katia - welcome!! And welcome back you old timers MB, MC and Susie. I purchased a beautiful quilt from Because I'm Me... Etsy is toooo easy to resist!