Friday, October 12, 2007

Lean, Mean, and Totally Green

I'm back!! I just spent a lovely three days in the company of some very entertaining librarians. In the process, I spent two nights in a hotel, which I don't think I've done since...oh...1978. It was a Marriott and yes, they did allow you the option of leaving your towels on the floor/bed (read: replace with fluffy new clean ones) or hanging the towels back up (read: I am fine with using my damp not so fluffy towel again tomorrow). I did hang my towels back up and housekeeping did refold at least I felt like they were fluffy, new and clean.

As is evidenced by the cute little hanger on my bathroom door, The Marriott does incorporate some of the ideas suggested by of Green Hotels for becoming a more environmentally conscious facility. And while I did not stay at this hotel, it is clear that Marriott is looking towards a greener future. No, I do not work for Marriott, and no, I am not getting any Marriott reward points in exchange for this post. :)


Jody said...

We love Marriott - Dh does work for the company though and we do get discounts, but no rewards (the nerve of them!). I'm glad you enjoyed your stay and appreciated their efforts to do better for the environment!

Mary Beth said...

Ooh, a conference. Getting away and staying at a hotel sounds so nice. Hope you enjoyed and didn't miss the little ones too much. And welcome back!

Mary Tsao said...

I love all hotels. Especially ones without kids! :)

Seriously, I am happy when hotels give me the option of only having my sheets changed every other day. I only wash my own sheets once a week and even that I consider a luxury. Ditto with my towels.