Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Wednesday Greenings

I hope all of you had a spooktacular Halloween. I picked up poor Sprout from daycare with a fever, so she spent most of the evening relaxing on the couch and on me (is it wrong to kind of enjoy a bit of their mild illness simply because it means they will snuggle up to you for more than a half second; reminds me of their newborn days. Selfish, I know, but sometimes you just want to freeze them).

Then, just in time for Halloween, I received a sweet treat from The Not Quite Crunchy Parent - a blog that I enjoy reading immensely, particularly when it comes to providing posts and strategies for avoiding ye olde television and encouraging more creative play, and for her suggestion for kicking the Ziploc habit. Thank you, TNQCP!

In the paying it forward tradition, I would like to award this bloggy button to Nini Makes, a new blog that I am enjoying and one that is consistently full of sweet treats (and being based in the UK it's probably yummy scones or something with a lot of luscious cream).

Moving right along, you may have seen a comment from barrym (of the West Ireland barryms) asking what I meant by saying I live in planting zone 7. Well, barrym caught me in a bit of an's not planting zone 7; it's plant hardiness zone 7, so I hope that clears things up for you, barrym. Just kidding. Here in the States and Canada (and I imagine in other places?) we use zones to describe temperature extremes in different areas of the country. Interestingly enough, I believe we are now technically as warm as plant hardiness zone 8. Scary, ain't it?

And finally for today, Pickel over at My Two Boys is having a non-toxic toy giveaway bonanza all through the month of November! The scavenger hunt element is over, but the giveaways have just begun! I'm curious...aren't you?


s.c. johnson said...

GOG, I'm sceptical of the wax paper bags. Will one really re-use a waxpaper bag more than just once? I sure wouldn't. And I haven't seen any re-sealable version of the waxpaper bag. If it's out there, please let me know!
I am staying with Ziploc!

Gift of Green said...

SCJohnson (Wax?) - I would have to give the wax bags a try to see how durable they are - one of the things I love about my Ziplocs is that they keep things dry things dry and wet things wet.

miss kitty said...

And to really do a double-whammy on the green thing: I can't tell you the number of times the ziploc sandwich bags saved me when transporting a really nasty, smelly poop diaper in my baby bag. I just popped that disposeable diaper right in that plastic bag and no more smell or mess. Plastic, plastic, and more plastic.

Mary Beth said...

Congratulations on your award, Amy. Re. the bags, plastic does have its place. I could not live without little ziplock sandwich bags and snack bags for the lunches. No way will I ever go back to multiple rubbermade containers in the lunches that are such a hassle to clean and dry. Life is too short!!

joanie said...

Thanks so much for this "sweet" little blogger award. Sweet treat for me, chocolate! - serious addiction. And regarding ill children, I secretly really enjoy their mild illnesses too. Hey, and Ziplocs too... fantastic for storing my best sweaters and cardis in them over the summer. If we use Ziplocs over and over, couldn't we call that mildly green?

Anonymous said...

I stumbled upon this while searching for wax sandwich bags. I am a little disappointed with some of the comments. I don't know if any of you are aware of the fact that Plastic NEVER BIODEGRADES. Long after we are all gone, plastic will still be here. Did you know that there is a sea of plastic the size of texas floating in the ocean. There is more garbage there than there are Plankton. Because of our selfishness- I too am to blame for being ignorant, innocent animals are dieing. I feel so stupid knowing that with all that I have be taught I did not realize how much i was hurting our environment too. I have given up all plastic bags for canvas and wax, i use a pooper scooper to clean up after my dog. I no longer buy bottles of water, i refill at the natural spring monthly! I understand the need for keeping moisture out, but sometimes I think life is a little more important than a soggy sandwich!

Gift of Green said...

Hi Noel -

Yes, sigh, I think we all are aware that plastic never biodegrades and yes, there are many ways in which I could go greener. We're all trying, I suppose. I'm hoping things like devotion to my clothesline and our teeming worm bin count for something. Thanks for stopping by and for the plastic baggie alternatives! I'm going to use your line as inspiration: "life is a little more important than a soggy sandwich!" :)