Thursday, October 18, 2007

Green Joke redux...

Come on. The number of people, according to the google searches that are directing people to my site, searching for green jokes seems to be increasing exponentially. Doesn't anyone out there know a single green joke? I'll start:

How many Wanna Greenies does it take to change a CFL?

Write answer here: _________________________________

And just as an always astonishes me what posts interest you, my dear readers, and, conversely, the ones that you couldn't give a hoot about. For example, my field trip to the House of Sweden. Loved it, blogged it, posted pictures of it. Sound of crickets chirping. Meanwhile, I post a little tidbit about Whole Foods importing apples from New're all over it!

What's your you find that when you post outside of your "niche" you get less interest from your regular readers?

And before I go silent for the rest of the is a Super Fun, as my SIL would say, site chock full of ideas for those looking to eek out as much as they can from, say, empty tissue boxes. Plus it's a British site, so just the use of the words cheque book and crisp packets has me sold from the start.


Mary Beth said...

It is always interesting to me to see which of my own posts generate interest and which are real snoozers. You just never know. And some posts that start slow gain momentum over time.

Jody said...

I have no idea what the rhyme or reason is. If you figure it out let the rest of us know!

FWIW - I don't always respond to a post even if it interests me, I just may not have anything to say that would sound the least bit intelligent.

Anonymous said...

Q:What is green a flies over Poland?
A: Peter Panski