Sunday, October 7, 2007

DC Green Festival - Too Much of a Good Thing?

Today the Wanna Greenies headed over to the Green Festival downtown at the new convention center. We drove. We considered Metro, but we were sure that although the ride to the festival would have been all wonder and interesting and light, the ride home from the festival would have been all overtired children and cranky parents and a painfully long transfer on a Sunday Metro schedule. So we drove. So much for reducing our carbon footprint.

First, I was amazed, just amazed at the "new and improved" Chinatown. It had been at least five or six years since I'd been to the area around the gate, and it was almost unrecognizable. Personally, I thought the designers (whoever they are) did a nice job with scale and keeping the street scape interesting, but yes, gone is the neighborhood feel.

We entered the Convention Center and the first thing that hit me was the smell. Yes, my nose is uber-sensitive but I know it was not my imagination because my son asked, "Mommy, what that I smelling? Smells like popcorn." I only wish. To me it smelled like off-gassing but I think I was being just a tad bit eco-sensitive seeing as we were there to get our eco-on.

Now let me just caveat before I get to the bottom line...yes, I was there with two children who wanted to be on the go; no, we did not attend a single session; no, we did not go there with a specific goal or purpose in mind (although Green Husband did want to find out more about solar energy options for our upcoming renovation), but oddly enough the Green Festival left me feeling...nothing. Not really inspired, not really armed with information (although brochures and leaflets abounded), not even really glad we went. There was a lot of stuff to buy, the children's area was slightly lackluster, and it just seemed entirely overwhelming and underwhelming at the same time.

I dunno. Mindful Momma seemed to have a great time at a similar event in her area. Anyone else attend? What did you think and, more importantly, what suggestions might you have for people who would like to get the most out of the conference next year?


Mary Beth said...

Sorry it was a bust. So disappointing when it's your precious weekend time!

NANA said...

some new buildings recycle "air" for their air conditioning! just like that foul smell on airplanes!!

miss kitty said...

Sorry the Green Festival left you feeling more blue than, ah, green. Sometimes the large scale events are just too big and lack what the every-day person is there to learn about. The changes YOU are making and learning about for a more eco-friendly life are very interesting and inspiring.