Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Green Tips for Hunkering Down

This morning Green Husband called me from his truck to let me know that a poem by my favorite writer, Donald Hall, was being featured on The Writer's Almanac. Garrison Keillor read The Hunkering, which I would reprint here but for copyright (I am a librarian after all). Notice it's a single sentence.

I am working on 10 Green Tips for Hunkering Down, but I need your help:

Does anyone have any eco-savvy hints for refreshing down comforters and other winter accoutrements that have been hiding out in closets and trunks?


patty peppers said...

Good or bad environmentally, I haven't thought about it before...but I head over to a nice clean laundromat and dump all of our comforters in to one huge washing machine. We made the switch to synthetic fill after the first round of stomach flu hit the kids (and their comforters).

NANA said...

Yes, the laundromat is great! i just did a sleeping bag:) don't spend the quarters on the dryer....bring all the things home and dry them outdoors on the clothes line(for about two days!)

Gift of Green said...

Patty Peppers...stomach viruses? Bad enough to necessitate the trashing of the comforters? Say it ain't so!!