Friday, October 19, 2007

It's Not Too Late to Go Hallogreen!

Seems like there are quite a few sites that focus on a green Halloween.

Siel, of GreenLAGirl fame, now writes a column for the Los Angeles Times and recently posted 7 Steps to a Greenish Ghoulish Halloween.

In a similarly ghoulish vein, The Sierra Club's blog The Green Life, offers nine more tips (although the Fair Trade Trick or Treat Action Kit seems to be a common thread).

National Geographic's The Green Guide gets into the DIY business when they suggest Halloween costumes done the old-fashioned maaaake them.

Rounding out the bunch is the Seattle based Green Halloween, with tips for parents, kids, and schools and ideas for "thinking outside the candy box." Okay, let's not go too overboard...


NANA said...

Bread Pudding in Pumpkin Shell one med. sugar pumpkin, cut top off pumpkin - clean out thoroughly, brush inside with melted butter and sprinkle with sugar. Replace cover and heat in 350 oven for 20 min. until pumplkin is warm. remove top..fill pumpkin with bread pudding - cook at 350 for approx. 1 and 1/2 hr....bread pudding...scald 2 cups milk, remove from heat, add 1/4 cup butter,1/3cuup sugar, when butter has melted, pour mixture over 2 cups stale bread(1/4-1/2 cubes. let sit for 5 min. add, 3 eggs,slightly beaten, 1/2 cupseedless reaisins, pinch of salt,,cin. nutmeg, 1/2 teas. vanilla...bake on cookie sheet- after heating the pumpkin, take top off. yummy (add a sausage or two,if you want)

why add the sausage? said...

Nana, you lost me with the suggestion of adding sausages to your bread pudding in a pumpkim idea. Yucko. Have you ever tried serving an autumnal soup in a small pumpkin shell -- just like your bread pudding vessel.

Gift of Green said...

I think I have to agree with WATS... Sausage in bread pudding? Love the idea of the pudding in the pumpkin - sounds adorable!