Sunday, November 16, 2008

Project Flip and Flop

Today the kids and I tried a project that was slightly exasperating on the technical side: crayon "stained glass" windows. Pip lost interest quickly, while Sprout was a machine with the crayon sharpener, dumping her crayon shavings onto wax paper, and watching while I ironed another sheet on top. She created an adorable heart which she then affixed to the front window using her stash of stickers (aside: I always used to look down my nose at people whose car/bay/storm windows were covered in stickers. Didn't they have enough CONTROL to prevent this from happening? I'm that person now. Don't look down your nose at me and no, I don't have enough control).

My question is - does wax paper have a right side and a wrong side? Does it matter what sides you iron together? I tried ironing leaves and the paper would just not stick together. Also, the crayon oozed through (through!) the wax paper onto my ironing this so wrong?


Jen@BigBinder said...

The fact that you used an iron at all puts you way beyond what I can motivate my craft-lazy self to do. I probably would have used contact paper, then microwaved them or something. I'm with you on the stickers. My daughter actually glued something to the wall last week. I just left it.

Anonymous said...

It must! I can imagine how frustrating this would have been! At least, you tried.

Anonymous said...

Making these is one of my earliest crafting memories. I also remember ironing it myself (I was about 6 at the time.)My mother kind of had a "let them get on with it" policy; probably explains the numerous scars I sport. Sadly, I don't remember the details about which sides are waxed - I'll have to stock up on wax paper when I visit at Christmas so I can make them again.