Friday, August 1, 2008

Congratulations Clothesline Challengers!

You did it!

You were non-dryer dryers for some, all, or none (that's okay) for May, June, and July.

Some of you started at intermediate and quickly climbed to advanced.

Some of you, like me, may have had illusions of grandeur and fell from advanced to...well...lower. Tornados not withstanding.

Kelli is enjoying her peg bag courtesy of Joanie at Nini Makes.

Blue Speckled Eggs kept a very impressive running tally of her loads as did Dayna.

Green and Thrifty Mama
did not make the 50% as she had hoped, but she did use her clothesline more than she had been. Congratulations!

Some lovely pictures were posted here, here (hee, hee) and here.

A few found the cure for those crunchy towels.

Did I miss a recent clothesline-related post of yours? Let me know and I will be sure to share them in my next post...

As a thanks and congratulations to you, I have a giveaway: Leslie Evans has just released her sequel to Leaf Jumpers and I can tell you that it's a beauty. Winter Trees is also authored by Carole Gerber and her talent for explaining the complexity and individuality of each tree in rhyme is really amazing. Nothing is forced and, did I mention, the illustrations are Evans-As-Usual beautiful?

All challengers are automatically entered as I promised, but if you would like to up the ante, comment on this post, after visiting Leslie's site...tell me which children's book of hers you would also like, and, if you're the lucky winner you will also receive that book along with Winter Trees. Please comment by midnight U.S. Eastern time Wednesday, August 6th. And yes, I will ship internationally. Please remember - Blogger does not automatically tell me what email address you are writing from, so please, if your post does not reveal who you are, leave some notion of how I can contact you.

***Update: Please let me clarify as my instructions seem now rather murky. If you are listed on the sidebar you do not need to comment to enter. You only need to comment if you desire a second book from Sea Dog Press. If you are not listed on the sidebar, you may enter by commenting on this post - if you please, tell me how you are saving energy in your home - you may also put yourself in the running for a second bok by, again, visiting Sea Dog Press and letting me know which children's book is your favorite. Signed, -The Management***

Congratulations! You should be very proud of yourselves!


Anonymous said...

I just want to thank you again for putting together the challenge. I am super good friends with Big Binder and she speaks highly of your blog. I love it as well and can not way to see if there are any other challenges you can muster up for me to tackle :)

Unknown said...

Thanks so much for putting this together Amy. I was truly inspired by you and the other participants. I found line drying to be so much easier than I anticipated and, in a weird way, I really enjoyed it. I think it was the time spent outside in the sunshine each week. Anyway...I ended up with 99% of my laundry being line dried this month!! My wrap-up is posted on my blog:

K Cubed said...

Thanks for the challenge. I didn't even realize that it was over! I line dried 100% of our clothes. It helps that we live in So. Cal and it's been warm. I loved the electric bill savings also! I'm going for it and continuing on. I hope to stay this way for a long time to come! I think my boys would like the book, "Hey there stinkbug". Thanks again for the fun.

ames said...

I forgot that the challenge had an ending, I was just going to keep on doing it forever. Though, I probably will anyway, it was great :)

I previously won the beautiful Autumn book from you before, I love it so much. Any of the other seasons would be fabulous as well!

Anonymous said...

Well I kind of forgot that it had an end date too, but it must have been stuck in my mind somewhere because on August 1, we had a family of 5 come to visit and stay in our teeny house for 4 days and there was just too much laundry to line dry...
Thanks for an awesome challenge, Amy!

Dayna said...

wow and with that it is over...slipped right past me :) this was so much fun. thank you for hosting. I am sure to carry it on for another month or so. although i have developed a rather amazing rain dance...step 1 take wet laundry outside...step 2 begin to hang it...step 3 wait to hear thunder rumble in the near distance. ha

anyway thanks for the giveaway...i would love to get my hands on hey there stink bug.

i agree with nicol...and hope you may create a new challenge soon.