Tuesday, May 8, 2007

What's my line?

First, I digress.

If you want to see a beautiful post, go no further than here. Talk about the ability to capture a time and place.

Getting back to business. My mom made an observation the other day - "All this talk about green," she said, "and no one uses clothes lines anymore."

I have a clothes line, but I rarely use it. Why? Dunno. The crunchy clothes? My property value? Maybe, but sunshine sterilizes, saves you money, saves energy, and makes your sheets and pillowcases smell like light. So I have rededicated myself to the clothes line. Over the weekend I hung towels, dishclothes, jeans, and heavy workshirts. They dried lickity-split.

How's your clothes line doing? Drop me a line.


Anonymous said...

Bravo! drying heavy things outside is a great electricity money saver! Don't forget towels, and sheets(dry in a minute!) All of europe dries "outside" and i personally LOVE the look!

Anonymous said...

Your words are sweet and kind. Thanks for the link -- and wow -- does your clothes line bring back some beautiful memories. I can smell those clothes!! Nothing like it.

Anonymous said...

Actually, now i remember that one of my "first" household "chores" as a kid, was to take the clothes off the line and fold them into the basket! A later "chore" was to hang the clothes on the line(harder because one might drop the clothes on the ground!).

Anonymous said...

Yes, enjoying our photonic aeolian dryer every day but wondering if anyone can suggest a better device to prevent shirts/blouses on hangers from blowing free of the line on windy days? Tibbe line? MP8 hangers?
In other words, is there a clippable hanger that locks to the clothesline out there, that really works?


Anonymous said...

The tibbe-line works great at keeping hangers on the line.Great invention.I love hanging clothes outside & now I don't worry about it blowing off the line!

storyteller said...

Ah ... brings back memories of when I was young ... helping mom hang the laundry out to dry ... and, of course, bringing it in later.
Hugs and blessings,

Joyce said...

I love using a clothesline. I did give up hanging things outside for a few years when my daughter was small, because she suffered allergies. That's worth keeping in mind if you have seasonal allergies; yu may need to hang things indoors during a certain part of the year.