Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tofu Tuesday - Back to Basics with Bulgur

Tofu Tuesdays
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Kaci@Ellyphant & Kelli@Gohn Crazy

Tonight's meal wasn't Totally Tofu, I must confess, but we did dabble in a new grain that, much to my surprise, was a real winner. Readers, meet Bulgur. Bulgur, meet readers.

I was a little nervous about this mystical Bulgur in a box; I was afraid it was going to taste chewy or dry or eck, like kasha . But armed with a recipe from this month's Martha, Green Husband cooked it up with some organic carrots and it was quite the delish dish.

Bulgur. It's what's for dinner.


Anonymous said...

I've never heard of Bulgur. Glad to hear that it tasted good. So exciting yet scary to have all these new foods. Thanks for playing along with us this week. :)

Elisabeth said...

Isn't that tabouli? I make it with feta, cucumbers, tomatoes, lemon, and olive oil. Yummy and one of my favorite summer dishes.

Kaci-Ellyphant said...

Oooo I must try! :)

EcoLabel Fundraising said...

Bulgur? Hmmm...never heard of that. I'm a fan of this sort of thing though, so I'll have to spring it on my family. Wish me luck!


Anonymous said...


Bulgar pilaf!! ate it all the time growing up!!! Nice change from the usual Uncle Ben's....hope all is well.

Rita Bud