Saturday, March 14, 2009

Cutting Back Green Spaces - Another Casualty

If you are an Arlingtonian (VA), or even a Virginian (after this Washington Post article) then you have no doubt read about the proposed closure of Gulf Branch Nature Center.

Fortunately we have a dedicated group of citizens that is using the power of 2.0 to call attention to organize against cuts like these.

My family and I have never been to GBNC, but sure enough we have spent many, many happy and delightful days at the Claude Moore Colonial Farm in McLean, Virginia. It was one of my top picks for green outings for kids in Northern Virginia. It's a perfect place to go to celebrate the return of spring (it re-opens April 1st from its winter break) or even in the fall, as I wrote way back when for DC Metro Moms. Did I mention that at $35 for an entire year this place is one of the Last Best Bargains?

Do you see where this is leading...?

Yes, yesterday we received the CMCF newsletter informing its members that they are losing a grant of $31,500. The write:

"We have just received a letter from Fairfax County that we are not included in this year's contributory funding. For more than 10 years CMCF has received $31,5000 each year to help pay for our educational program staff and materials...We have no idea how we can replace these funds as every other part of the Farm's funding has been affected by these grim economic times...if you have any great fundraising ideas, contact"

You might want to show your support of CMCF by coming to their Dairy Day on Saturday, April 18th from 1-4 p.m. Have you ever wondered what curds and whey look like? Do you know how to wash butter? Help the farm wife make soft cheese and churn butter.

It seems like a long road ahead if CMCF is going to support itself on admission fees alone, but every little bit helps, wouldn't you say?

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