Saturday, March 7, 2009

Spring Reveal

Pip, my older, turns five this month. Five years ago we brought all four pounds, seven ounces of him home from the hospital. As the melting snow has slowly revealed the crocuses and daffodils, time has slowly revealed what Pip is able to do this Spring that he was never able to do before.

:: We went to the park yesterday and for the first time he was high up in the air on the big boy swing. How did he get there? He pumped, of course. Sniff.

:: He asked me if his Spiderman mask was washed yet, and when I told him that it just needed a few minutes in the dryer...he went upstairs and transferred the darned thing to the dryer. I only knew because he couldn't figure out how to start it. He still needs me. Barely.

:: The tree in the know, the one where Pip needs a leg up to get to the lowest branch? No more.

:: We always called him Felix Unger and today confirmed it. He drew labels for each of his toy bins and taped them to the exterior: Transformers, Playmobils, Art Supplies. So organized.

And for some reason memories of this just bubbled up in my thoughts today. If you've read "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn", you must give this one a try.

"Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning." Psalm 30:5

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susiej said...

OH my... OH my. I'm facing this too.... "he still needs me... barely."

I love that scripture at the end... Thanks.

Kaci-Ellyphant said...

Just poppin over from Kelli's! Cute blog!