Sunday, February 8, 2009

This Year's Garden

Here are the seeds we are planning to sow this year. We don't usually use transplants unless there is some kind of massive crop failure! We don't use cold frames; we are lucky to be in zone 7 so we have enough time to start from seed in starter pots. This list seems ambitious but it will be the first time I am off for the summer so I will have plenty of time to weed. Hahahahhhahaha, oh, hahahahah, I crack myself up. (Green Husband is looking at me like I'm nuts). With the first burst of warm air today, I am looking forward to Spring!

Strawberries (plants have been in the ground for about four years)

Lettuce (Deer tongue, Amish, black seeded)

Sugerboy watermelon
Red peppers
Green peppers

Italian tomatoes
Brandywine tomatoes
Peas (snap, sugar)
Lima beans
String beans
Cherry tomatoes

Herbs (All are perennials we've had in for about three years.)
Lavender (in the ground for about three years)

Moon Flowers
Four O'clocks

Ramble on Rose has her list up too. What about you?


mom go green said...

hello g.o.g!
i love that you posted about planning your garden. i would LOVE to try that, but am such a newbie. i don't know how much space i need, how to begin, when to do it, etc. do you have any resources that might get me started?

Anonymous said...

Gift of Green!!! So glad to see your list... I'm jealous of your zone... very jealous... I'm ordering my seeds from seeds of change today... they seem to be no-fail.

ames said...

Ooh, looks lovely! I'm going to have to build some garden fortifications this year to protect my crop from deer and groundhogs. Never ordered seeds online before either but we might need to give it a try this year!

Green Fundraising Ideas said...

I am so green in everyway but growing my own food. It is so silly not to grow my own. I live in a warm climate. I tried last year to start small. My Father was visiting, so we tackled making a garden. We planted tomato plants and carrots. Eventually the bugs took my tomato plants over. I planted my carrots too close together so they were to tiny to eat. I was so discouraged! Your post gave me the inspiration to try again this Spring. Thanks!

Gift of Green said...

M.G.G - Why don't you start with just a few raised bed or some container/planter gardens? You live in the Bay area, correct? Do you know what hardiness zone you are in? If not, google Hardiness Zone to find out, then go from there. This will help you decipher the back of the seed packages. Do you have a local Master Gardener program that hangs out at farmer's markets, etc.? If so, they can really help you. For a child-friendly garden with directions, see Roots, Shoots, Buckets and Boots for some great ideas.

Gift of Green said...

SusieJ - I have to google Seeds of Change...thanks for the tip!

Dayna said...

I will cast a vote for We had a super garden from seeds we ordered there last summer.