Saturday, January 5, 2008

The Break

Well, you could have seen it coming, couldn't you...

Seems like a lot of people are taking a break from the blogging or took a break over the holidays and found the break quite nice. Some people are taking leave entirely - they will be sorely missed.

I will be taking a brief break from this blogging business as I try to complete some online coursework necessary for my school media specialist certification.

I'll be popping in to your blogs, just like in the old days, as a commenter with "no reply necessary". It will be kind of nice to be merely the visitor again, instead of the visitee. See you at your house!



Anonymous said...

No, please don't leave us. Couldn't you find a nice balance between blogging, studying, working, parenting, spousing, housekeeping, cooking, shopping -- okay, maybe you need some dedicated time to study. Hope to see you REALLY soon.

Petite Planet said...

Good luck with everything, Amy! Hope to have you back in cyberspace soon!

Mary Beth said...

Hi Amy. Good luck with your studies. Hope to hear from you again soon. Take care!
Mary Beth

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to your return, I'll be having a break too due to prehistoric UK telephone systems, moving house, etc. Hope your holidays were lovely : )