Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Wednesday Me For Works

First of all, thanks to all you for suggesting ways to corral my Playmobil toys and to iron my organics at the last Backwards WFMW!

Now, a plea to both loyal readers and guests...two of you once posted about making tulle skirts for kids from scratch and non-food advent calendars (actually, update: I've since found one I had in mind from Nini Makes). Can you please refresh my ailing memory and alert me if you were indeed the one (or two or three or four of you...anyone!) that addressed these topics?

More questions to be answered over at Shannon's place!

Don't forget my bloggy book giveaway...still plenty of time to enter!

With bloggy love,



Unknown said...

I will be doing a tutorial at the end of the week on how to make tulle ballet skirts. Stop by sometime on Friday to check it out!


Anonymous said...

I wrote about a tulle tutu I made from a very easy tutorial. Here is the link:

Hope it helps.

Mommy said...

I have no help for your questions, but I would love to know how to make those skirts too. So the links that the other bloggers gave helped me out. Thanks for asking the question!

Anonymous said...

I've made a few tutus for my little girl and this link (found in Kristen's post at GreenStyleMom) shows the latest and by FAR the easiest I've made
Just realized I didn't follow other links first - hope i'm not duplicating links from other comments.
Just made two for Gracie (just turned 6), one for her bday, one as part of a goose costume. I used about 4 yards of tule to make it really puffy.
My advent calendar that Amy linked can use choc. coins, or alternatively, I suggested writing special Christmas activities, one for each day. Things like, make Christmas cookies, or sing carols. I'd be happy to email the template for it to anyone who can't get the Green Parent mag. Just email me at my site:)

Anonymous said...

Having just re-read my comment, it's clear I use far too many commas when I'm tired. Must sleep now.