Sunday, August 19, 2007

Feeds Me! ~ An Appeal to the Blogsphere

Dear Friends. Okay, is it just me or is subscribing to feeds the most confusing thing ever?! I see a blog I want to subscribe, I look first to see if they have a +google reader button - if they do, I add the blog to my reader. Okay...but some don't. So I've subscribed to Bloglines...therefore +google reader no go to bloglines. Bloglines, yes, subscribe. SO (are you still with me?). No +google reader button? Go to Bloglines. No Bloglines...go to this Feeds (control J thingie) on my toolbar. I get a message saying that a feed has been added...but when I go to the feeds list under my "favorites" nada. Where are all these feeds going? Then there is and Technorati?! I mean, should I be needing to go to so many feeders everyday?! HELP, Blogsphere, HELP!


Feeling Feedless

We now return to our regularly scheduled blog already in progress.

But before I go silent for the rest of the day...can someone else please tell me how I can contract my Index so it's not taking up the entire freakin' left hand sidebar?

That's all. Really.


mom go green said...

i wish i could help you, but the truth is i hav eno idea what you are talking about. i mean, the words are familiar, but they scare me. perhaps this is why my blog has like no promotion or fancy stuff?
and you thought i was a minimalist.
mgg (amy)

Whymommy said...

Did you figure the feedreader dilemna out yet? I just use Bloglines for everything. You can add any blog you wish, and even make a button on your browser that you can use to subscribe to the blog that you're currently reading. (To do that, open your Bloglines reader, check out the text on the right hand side, and click on "Subscribe with one click from your browser toolbar.")

You can use any of the feedreaders that you like, but my understanding is that one is enough! (And quite addictive, at that!)

Gift of Green said...

Thank you, WhyMommy! I don't know what you mean yet, but I'll fiddle around in Bloglines and Make It So. I think I am going to abandon Google Reader then...because you can't do all that with GR? And like you said I don't want to have to go to a million different feedreaders.

Mom Go Green - Yes, I figured you were following the mantra "Simplify" I like it! :)

susiej said...

I hate to throw a monkey in your wrench here -- but I know you use google documents and gmail -- so why not use google reader? It's on the task bar for google documents -- so just one click and you're in.