Saturday, August 25, 2007

Blogging Buttons

You've seen them, and perhaps you have some: those cute little buttons that you can add to your sidebar to show that you support a cause, have received some props, or that simply let people know what you're all about. For some reason they're downright addicting and collecting them brings me back to elementary school and those coveted friendship pins.

I have recently added several buttons to my blog and I wanted to digress from my usual tom-greenery to mention the meaning of mine.

The first button is my "Computer Free Friday" button designed by Wise Craft's husband and kindly made available to the masses. This Friday was the first Friday I implemented this "rule" and to be honest, it was quite liberating. I used my computer at work obviously (I don't want to be "Computer Free Because You've Been Fired Friday") but when I got home, nothing. No frantic checking of email, no quick updates to my blog, and no visiting virtual friends. But this was okay. I spent time with my husband, my children and a neighbor without feeling The Call of the Computer.

Further down the page is my "War is not healthy for children and other living things" button sponsored by Another Mother for Peace. I'm not sure what political persuasion you are but no matter. I think we can all agree that war is not healthy for children and other living things, yes?

The next button is part of my Team WhyMommy rallying cry against inflammatory breast cancer, a disease that has personally effected members of my own family. Click on over to Toddler Planet if you have a moment. WhyMommy's chemo is taking!

The next button was quite an honor to receive, considering it came from the above mentioned WhyMommy. She wrote some awfully sweet words about me too - blush, blush. So, it's pay forward time and I gladly do it. I am "awarding" this button to three bloggers who have been especially generous to me since I began this blogging journey. I don't think I need to explain much more than that...their blogs say it all. Thank you...

SusieJ - A beautiful writer and a generous soul
SaltandChocolate - A recent find and a total gem
In the Key of Life - A cozy read and consistent comment-replier

And finally, is that adorable Farmer's Market button from Veggie Venture - any plans for your 2008 graphic?

Have wonderful weekend, friends.


Mary Beth said...

You are so sweet! Thank you, thank you! I think you are the total gem! And I love your idea for Computer Free Fridays. I can totally relate to the feeling of distraction--"must check e-mail"--when you are trying to relax and spend some family time. Great idea.

Mary Tsao said...

Computer Free Friday... that's a great idea! Thanks for the tip.

NANA said...

I love the computer free friday:) is cell phone free thursday, and ice cream free wednesday!

SusieJ said...

Thank you. I just saw this -- head up in the clouds. I'll have some template time this week to work on adding the button. So happy you received the award too.

The Surette-Nelson Collective said...

This is off the topic of your posting, but I love the names of your children--so "green" and unique! I simply adore them. :)