Saturday, August 18, 2007

Links to Like: Children's Health Environmental Coalition

Great lead from Green Gramps and Green Nana - they were looking into eco-friendly options for cleaning the wall-to-wall carpeting in their breakfast nook and stumbled across the Children's Health Environmental Coalition HealtheHouse website in their travels.

Roll your mouse over the CHEC's virtual house to see what products in what rooms may be harmful to your families' health. For example, explore a child's bedroom to learn about how you can make your child's bedding less of a harbor for allergy and asthma triggers. Choose water-based art supplies to minimize noxious fumes and to avoid solvents and heavy metals.

Under their House Rules tab simple graphics and minimal wording still manage to successfully address the problems we face every day from the proper way to renovate our homes to the safest way to clean them.

And yes, as Green Gramps and Green Nana suspected, steam cleaning can be a safe option for cleaning your wall-to-wall carpeting so long as you follow some basic guidelines.

Happy Reading!

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Stacey@Look, Mom, Look! said...

great link! Thanks for the info!