Monday, August 3, 2009

Preparing for a Party

The Evites have gone out for Sprout's fourth birthday party and now I come to you, crafty, baking followers, for advice on The Cake.

In an effort to get back on the green wagon (don't worry - I'm still line drying) and to go a little less artificial, I would like to bake the cake myself. I'll give you a minute to stop laughing. Okay, so, she wants an Ariel cake. Is this hard to do? Here's the rub - I do not want to do one of those fairly bizarre looking cakes where a Barbie doll is disembodied with her top half popping out of the batter.

So tell me...any ideas? What's this about baking a cake in a Pyrex bowl and then inverting it?


And while we're on the subject of birthdays...

Happy Birthday, Green Gramps!! The best is yet to come!


hausfrau said...

Cakes are easy peasy! Give it a go. I'll send you a link to the last one I did. Dead easy.

Dayna said...

usually the inverted pyrex bowl cake is used for the purpose of creating a doll cake (disembodied barbie type concoction). You can see about creating one here...but instead of her fancy pan you could use a pyrex bowl.

My favorite cakes come from the Martha Stewart baking book.

I also suggest baking an old family standby recipe and let your daughter decorate with her own bits and bobbles on top - that was my brother and sisters favorite cakes (legos and matchboxes ontop) they tasted good too!

Dayna said...

this one is cute...just go with an underwater theme...chocolate starfish and shells and then find a small plastic ariel for the top.

Dayna said...

oppps here it is

Gift of Green said...

Hausfrau - Thank you for the link to your beautiful cake. Some day when we live in the same hemisphere, you'll have to give me a tutorial! :)

Dayna - I love the idea of having the kiddos decorate the cake with whatever is on hand! Brilliant! Thank you for the link as well. You gals are the best!

Amy said...

Good luck with the cake! I made my own for my little guy. Cake was OK, but I only managed to put a smiley face on it. It would take me awhile to figure out Ariel!

Amy (from Gracobaby)