Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Four Years Ago

Flowers from Aunt Suzie Sent on Your Original Birthday

Four years ago, right about now, I gave birth to you, the baby girl of my dreams.

My "Sprout". My laughing Allegra. My daisy. My sunshine. My love. My "Mr. Golden Sun".

Your daddy and I checked in to the hospital at 6:10 a.m. (so said the admission papers I found in my suitcase during last week's trip to the beach) and five peaceful hours later you arrived.

My darling girl. What more can I say?

Happy birthday, Sprout.


Your Mama


Maxine from Texas said...

Happy Birthday, Sprout!! Now, I'm off to find a tissue...

Gift of Green said...

Thank you, Maxine!
Love, Sprout, Age 4

Green Mamma said...

Just curious, did you practice hypnobirthing? With a 5 hour peaceful birth, I am wondering... I have heard so many positive things about hypnobirth, which is encouraging since I am hoping to practice it during my next birth (any day now).

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Sprout!! :)

Kaci said...

Happy Birthday!! XOXO

Gift of Green said...

Thank you for all your birthday wishes! Sprout has now mastered four and is ready to move on to five. Oh boy.

Green Mamma, no, I'm afraid that the peacefulness probably had a lot to do with my epidural. My first born was five weeks premature and so there was a lot of activity around his birth. With my daughter it was just me and my husband, the attending and the nurse...a quiet room, early morning, and a quick labor and delivery (five hours total). Plus, I was an "experienced" second time mom by then! :) It was just a very peaceful quiet birth which I was grateful for. Best wishes to you on your upcoming birthday! :)