Saturday, August 8, 2009

Julie & Julia: WON-derful!

I wanted to like Julie & Julia, really I did. But I did not have much hope for it. I felt like it would let me down, despite the brilliant Meryl Streep, and that I had overextended my expectations. Nevertheless, I was giddy with excitement when I arrived at a 7:30 screening opening night.

Now having seen it, I have but one word to say for Julie & Julia: WON-derful!!! (Said in a certain voice like you-know-who). I may have to see it again - it was one of those bittersweet movie experiences where the laughter of the audience often obliterated the following line. Love that.

Why was it so wonderful? As Green Gramps reminded me, after reading the New York Times review, it was not just a campy imitation of this inspiring woman; Meryl Streep was much more than the exterior Julia Child. It was a movie that went deeper than her omelet-flipping fiasco or exclamations of Bon Appetite! There were moments, dear readers, when I cried.

There were several things I learned from this movie:

1) Having a small cramped "less-than-perfect" apartment or home, whether in Queens or Paris, is no excuse for a) not cooking or b) not entertaining. Nobody cares. Taking time over some good food, cooked in the smallest of spaces, some fresh flowers, candlelight, and even some big, red paper hearts pinned to your chest are truly all your friends want. My excuses for non-hosting have ended.

2) "Never Apologize!" Julia uses it in a cooking context, but so perfect for so many other situations. Give yourself some credit. Really.

3) Life begins at 40, the year Julia got married. Or 50, the year her cookbook was finally published. 'Nuf said.

4) I may try cooking. And I won't apologize.

***Updated*** 5) Letter writing. My goodness, how could I forget letter writing. The pure giddy about to jump out of your skin excitement of tearing a letter open. I will be writing one "real" letter per week for now on. There's MY Julie/Julia project!

My reading list based on Julie & Julia and cooking in general...

The real Julie.

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Mary Beth said...

I loved this movie too, especially the sections on Julia Child. What a fascinating character she seemed to be, and so inspiring!