Saturday, July 5, 2008


Well, my friends, today I turn 38. So here are 38 green and not-so-green gratitudes from the past year:

:: our clotheslines, up or down
:: our worm bins, created by Green Husband, and multiplying every day
:: our chopped wood. There are benefits to limb-tearing tornados
:: our children who don't mind dirt, bugs or any mix of the two
:: Green Husband who keeps me on the green and narrow
:: our strawberry patch expanded and enlarged for next summer
:: our blueberry bush that seems to be thriving with blooms and with berries
:: Green Nana and Green Gramps who always keep me posted on the latest green news from the NYTimes
:: my new job where I'll be surrounded by two of my favorite things: books and children
:: our rain barrel, again constructed by Green Husband, for catching all that run off
:: our compost "cadillac" - our three section composter built with directions from an out of print edition of "Crockett's Victory Garden"
:: the boxes and boxes and boxes of "stuff" that I handed off to the local thrift shop
:: reusable canvas bags
:: the "high end" consignment shop near me that allows for thrifted clothing that is cute enough for work
:: the jewel toned bedspread that I found while "decluttering" - a prized possession from a trip to India
:: kiddie pools
:: our first family vacation to the beach
:: my thriving fig tree
:: old bloggers and new bloggers
:: giving up all attempts at crafting
:: Etsy
:: my new preppy look
:: a neighborhood fourth of july parade with free hot dogs and watermelon
:: my sister-in-laws: I am the luckiest in-law in the world
:: old friends (Elisabeth and Sue); new friends (Suz); and catching up friends (Allison and Angelle)
:: looking at recipes, patterns, and material
:: change
:: Johnny Cash
:: bittersweet sundays
:: dreaming of living other places
:: our own home halfway between city and country
:: japanese food
:: coffee
:: reading children's books as a job requirement
:: sea dog press
:: the sunday ny times
:: new york magazine
:: 38 years


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Sunshine!
From a fellow July baby (you knew there was a reason you liked me...)

Carrie said...

Happy, Happy Birthday! I love children's books. Sometimes I think I will reinvent my life to have a job where I can read children's books. I'm jealous. In a good way! All the best for your birthday!

Anonymous said...

Well, happy birthday Amy!!!! You are the coolest person I have never met. Honestly - I got little goose bumps reading about your thankfulness. We have so, so much in common. Mostly, being cool. And - I'll be 38 in November.

joanie said...

Happy birthday! You share the day with one of my brothers - he's a good egg too. I'm just shaking off jet-lag. While in CA I worked on converting new clothes line users, had a few takers too. How can they not with all that sunshine?!
Hope you had a fun day, at 38 your gaining on me, I'm just a few ahead.

ames said...

Happy Birthday! Does that make you a fellow cancerian? I *love* your list, I got down to "japanese food" and went "Oh yesssssss!"

Mary Beth said...

Happy birthday, friend. I love your thankful list. Here's to another great year (and I hope you love your new job!).

Jenny said...

Happy birthday!

By the way, my clotheline challenge commitment isn't going to well :-( But I'll try to do better next load :-)

Stacey@Look, Mom, Look! said...

Better late than never, right??

Happy Birthday!

Whoohooo! I hope that you lived it up and had some fun!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday.

I'm jealous for your green family. :) My family mainly just thinks I'm slightly off my rocker.