Friday, July 18, 2008

Alphabet Summer

Slouching Mom posted her summer acrostic over at Grasshopper New Media Parents. I love acrostics, so I thought I would try my hand at creating my own based on her own "Summer with Kids" - I thought it would be fun to do mine first before reading hers to see how much our summers are similar! (If you really like acrostics, I encourage you to check out Leslie Evans' great book of summer acrostics, beautifully illustrated.) Here goes:

Acting out plays
Beach and Bay
Catching fireflies
Eating popsicles
Filling sand buckets
Hot dogs
Ice cream trucks
Juice boxes
Kiddie pools
Late bedtimes
Meeting up with the cousins
Popping bubbles
Quiet moments
Reading books about summer
Sweaty faces
Too humid!
Up and at 'Em!
Visiting grandparents
Water wings
Xtra large sunflowers
Zero worries


greenbaby said...

Aren't acrostics so wickedly fun? Thanks for your creative musings!

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joanie said...

I can't wait to do one of these with my kids - although the big one (he's 10 in a couple of weeks) is finding a lot more things "stoooopid" this summer than last summer. I'm definitely hitting a new parenting stage.
We'll post ours, I'm sure I can squeeze a few words out of both them.

I miss Popsicles. We don't have them here. You have a great list! And thanks for the bloggy award, you're too kind :)