Sunday, July 29, 2007

Updates - The Worm Bin, The Compost Pile and The Ultimate Recycler

It's been quite some time since I've updated you on my husband's worm bin creation. You may remember that the design was a winner (recycled Tidy Cat litter tubs) but the result was a disaster. I am proud to announce that Green Husband's worm bin is now a success. He kept the design the same but this time went more slowly, being careful not to overload it and giving the worms plenty of time to do their work. I can attest that the bin is now teaming with worms. The second tub contains very rich worm muck and the final bin contains that crazy worm tea. Green Husband uses it to water our potted tomato plants.

Another success is his compost pile. As you can see our vegetable scraps and coffee grounds have composted to a nice, rich, dark dirt - again adding nutrients to our tomato plants.

And finally, The Ultimate Recycler. Several months ago Pip and his Granddaddy spent three hours in Granddaddy's workshop building a birdhouse. When we got it home and up, it was not long before a sparrow took residence and had babies.

Now they have flown the coop, so to speak, so it was time to clean out the nest for the next family. We found feathers from other birds, strips of blue tarp, some plastic wrappers, hay, grasses, and dryer lint.

Thank you, Green Husband, for providing me with so much content for Gift of Green! ; )

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Beth H said...

yeah...worm poop talk!! We have a huge worm bin collection. More than you could ever imagine, but hubby kind of over does it sometimes. Suprisingly though, we use a ton of the compost for the garden and so many friends ask for worms it's good to have such a huge factory.