Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Back Home

Greetings, Greenies!

We are back from our very first family vacation to the beach! A good time was had by all and our California Baby sunscreen was put to the test (verdict: you need to be vigilant with the baby version and hyper-reapply especially after swimming). Count this as another Summer Adventure Challenge!

You all are doing so well (read: better than I am) on your Clothesline Challenges and I have received several personal emails letting me know what a difference this Challenge has made both in utility bills and eco-friendly thinking.

Nicol writes: "I want to thank you for inspiring me to clothesline. I am also at advanced now and clothesline 99% of our laundry. My gas bill was cut by 42% in just one month. So I thank you for your challenge! :)

Kelli writes: "
Hiya Amy, I think I'm ready to bump up from "novice" to "intermediate" on your clothesline challenge!"

Amanda chattered: "So far clothesline-ing has been groovy! While it's rather rainy around here, every once in a while I get a nice sunny day so I try to wait for those to do my laundry :) and hopefully it also lands on a weekend and I can do multiple loads."

Welcome to the Circus joined late, and I neglected to add her to my sidebar in a timely fashion, and she joins us at Intermediate! Welcome, Kathleen!

Hope you all are well. I look forward to hearing from each and every one of you.


Elisabeth said...

I hope you have lots of cute pics to share of Pip & Scout at the beach. Kids at the beach are delicious.

joanie said...

Really good stuff. Hope you had a great beachy break!