Thursday, May 28, 2009

Winner of the Lotuspad Yoga Mat!

Thank you, thank you to all of you who entered this giveaway, and who, more importantly, decided to have a go at the 2009 Clothesline Challenge! {Remember, it is never too late to join}

And the winner of a yoga mat and strap is...

Jeanne of EcoLabelFundraising!

Jeanne, please email me with your mailing address so that I can coordinate with Lotuspad and get your mat and strap out to you!

Coming up - we'll shine the spotlight (or shall I say, sunlight) on some of our participants and...another giveaway!


Green Fundraising said...

I won! I won! I can't believe it! I just started to clap and scream - I won and my husband came running over. He's laughing at my excitement!

Thanks for making my day!

Discount Silk Flower said...
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joanie said...

Congratulations winner. And lovely to see the list of participants growing, good show Amy :)