Sunday, May 17, 2009

Clothesline Confessions & The Giveaway Revealed

Well, my pretties, let me tell you can bet that I didn't save much money this weekend, not to mention the environment as I did 100%, yes, count 'em, 100% of my drying in the dryer. I mean, there were a few items that were slung over the shower curtain rod or hung from the doorknob, but read it and weep, sisters (and brothers), I was like, below novice...I was like, the anti-novice.

But! No matter! Spit-spot and all that! Tomorrow's another day (albeit a rainy one) and who cares about your THINGS when you can use this great giveaway to take care of your SOUL!

Yes, it's time for the first Clothesline Challenge giveaway...a beautiful eco-friendly yoga mat and strap courtesy of Gift of Green and LotusPad.

Here are the rules because there must be rules!

1) Those of you who have entered the Clothesline Challenge and are listed on my sidebar are automatically entered! If you would like an extra entry, please tweet this giveway and leave a comment at this post letting me know you've done so.

2) Those of you who have not yet entered the Clothesline Challenge, leave a comment at this post letting me know what level you are taking may also get an extra entry by tweeting this giveaway and leaving me a comment at this post letting me know you've done so.

3) All challengers, please go to LotusPad and peruse these beautiful, environment-friendly, biodegradable mats and leave a comment at this post letting me know which mat and which strap you would like should you be the winner!

4) The contest ends at Midnight, Friday, May 22nd and the winner will be randomly picked.


Momma Bear said...

would love the lavender eco mat with the orange circles strap, cute!

Maxine from Texas said...

Ooo, ooo, me, me! :)
I like the Earth Mat with tiny blue bubbles strap.

I'm so not judging you with the clothesline...I'll post an update tomorrow :(

kate said...

I would love the earth mat with the green dragonfly strap!

After a rainy start, things are looking up for in the dryer three on the line...

Nick said...

Does it count if you hang them indoors? I use this wooden clothes drying rack that has found a great spot right under my ceiling fan. The air movement keeps the clothes from getting crunchy.

Stephanie - Green SAHM said...

I like the lavender mat with the green dragonfly strap.

BTW, you have the link to my site wrong in the sidebar. It goes right back to your site.

Gift of Green said...

Nick - Of course! Indoors, outdoors, no matter!

Green SAHM - updated your link!

Momma, Maxine and Kate - Thanks for your picks as well! Good luck!

Green Fundraising said...

Great giveway..Twittered this: @EcolabelFund

I'd love the lavender mat with the pink dragonfly strap.

Calley said...

Oh my...should I try this or not! YES! Count me as a Novice trying hard to be Intermediate!

Calley said...

Love lavender with chocolate/orchid dots!

Tweet Tweet @theecochic

Dayna said...

I have a grade F so far this month...broken laundry line. BAH! Love the giveaway. I saw the cutie kiddo fun!

Deb said...

Love the earth eco mat with the tiny bubles strap.

Have the clothes line post installed, just need to add the line :)

Heather said...

If I win, I would really love the lava eco mat with the green dragonfly strap.

PS: I posted pics of my clothes line and clothespin bag on today's blog post at

Luck to everyone!

Anonymous said...

I'm totally digging the earth mat with the chocolate/green dot strap. Very nice!

Anonymous said...

Cursed RSS feed. Mine wasn't updating AGAIN and I thought you were curled up in a ball, not blogging because of all of the rain. I might need a demotion after this week too - I was sick (you already know the story - too well I'm afraid!) and got behind on EVERYTHING - therefore my dryer ran constantly for about 2 days.
What a cool contest. I like the brown circles mat, do you choose the same color strap? I can't coordinate stuff like this and would buy Garanamals for adults if it were available - so whatever strap matches the brown circles mat!

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