Saturday, May 23, 2009

Quick Update

Dear All,

The SUN is SHINING at last so just a quick update to tell that I have received all of your wonderful comments and emails about your clotheslines and they make me so very happy!

I'm off to hang more on the line, but I will return shortly to give mention to our new Challenge members, to highlight some of your comments, and to reveal the winner of a beautiful yoga mat and strap from LotusPad.

Have a wonderful Saturday!

~ Amy


joanie said...

So happy the sun is shining for you, it is for us too and finally warm. Perfect laundry drying weather! Also finally got your button linked up. For me it involves a tiny amount of html and coding anything makes my brain go numb!

Personalized Golf Balls said...

I accidently came across this site and honestly, . I’m fairly new at this and am learning something new everyday.

Anonymous said...

Holy cow! You have a ton of participants!! Awesome!

permanent make-up said...

I think more information should be provided in the blog!!

susiej said...

I am using my clothesline!!! But, forgot to post about this... when I get my fast internet connection back, I will post this.