Friday, February 27, 2009

The (Garden) Plot Thickens

Wow. Have you ever read over your blog's past entries? Maybe you have kept up with your blog like a good little do-bee, but then again perhaps you have even turned into a little slacker like me.

Like, I used to post pictures of myself as a toddler? Who knew?

Or post 21 entries over the course of ONE month!?

Dream Memes of me?

I have really let my blog go to...well, why am I in this handbasket and where am I going?

The GREAT news is - there was an extra garden plot in my school's courtyard and I snagged that baby for myself and three of my unsuspecting colleagues. Heh, heh. An entire plot! For me! And three of my closest co-workers! Without the aid of Green Husband! To plant! To tend! To weed! What the heck have I done! Hopefully my old standby, KidsGardening, will help get me through. I need a garden theme, dear readers, that should include literacy and art.


Carrie said...

My mind is exploding with ideas but I have to go pull some children's books whose titles I can't remember well.

Dayna said...

wow - I love the idea of a garden with a literacy and art incredibly cool is that?

Right away I started thinking about Pizza and the book Roots Boots Buckets and Shoots. Doing a garden in segments like pizza. And for the art part...well how about the art of making pizza :) LOL

I also love a salsa garden and Chicks and Salsa is a fun book that comes to mind.

But I am thinking you want something less literal. Oh I am sure there are so many great ideas out there....

I am thinking of sitting garden side with a sketch pad and some lemonade.

Carrie said...

Hi Amy - My daughter is sick so I've been side tracked from the literacy garden idea. Sick teenagers are worse than sick toddlers! My first thought though was of the book of the garden on the roof or some kind of geography pattern. Can you make a state shaped garden with different representation of the plant types? You have such a great state for a project like that.