Thursday, February 19, 2009

Grown Woman Weans Herself Off Facebook!

Yes, this just in... I have finally weaned myself off Facebook which I found was a huge time-sucker - not to mention I had slight misgivings over their privacy policies. I have to admit that I reconnected with some very long lost friends (from elementary school, no less), but personal emails have been exchanged, so voila! Time to get back to my first love, Gift of Green.

Mom Go Green has some good questions in her comment on my last post. I made some suggestions in the comments section - any other suggestions for the newbie gardener? Please feel free to post here.

I am considering...dare I mention it...the Second Annual Gift of Green Clothesline Challenge. Would any of you be interested?

And, remember how I posted about Garbage Gardening? I deep-sixed cucumber and pepper seeds after making some crudites in the kitchen, and son of a gun, two weeks later, I have pepper sprouts popping up! I simply buried them in a small pot of potting soil and have left them on my kitchen window sill to see what would emerge. Give it a try!

And...wearing my school librarian hat, I just have to tell you about an absolutely delightful book I read to my Kindergarteners this week: Isabel and the Hungry Coyote/Isabel y el coyote habriento (Bilingual)
I read it four times in a row and still could not get enough of it.

I read with amusement that someone had their feed to GiftofGreen bookmarked under "dying feeds". As F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote, I have the familiar conviction that life will begin again in the summer. Spring is just around the corner - I can feel it and it's great to be back as Gift of Green!!!


Carrie said...

Dying Blogs. That cracks me up. Maybe I can get them to list my blog and I'd get some readers. But then I might feel obligated to post and then I wouldn't have a dying blog. Can I come sit in your kindergarten class and be read to? That sounds so comforting.

Maxine from Texas said...

Good for you on ending your FB addiction - I'm still in the midst. But I only log on twice a day, really, just twice! I'm way interested in the next Clothesline Challenge! We did last year's and haven't stopped - even through the dead of winter. Is it ever going to end? (winter that is)

ames said...

Ugh, I just started a Facebook account for a work-related project and got bombarded by people I haven't heard from in ages. I sense it is a *major* time suck!

I'm interested in the clothesline challenge again once it stops being rainy and dreary around here. So probably in July ;)