Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Warm Southerly Breeze

For those of you who live north of the Mason-Dixon line, you are going to laugh when I tell you how miserable the cold is making me. Not to mention The Cold of The Century that I have and the two little petri dishes I have (in the form of children) who are at the doctor's office as we speak (no, Green Husband has taken them there; I am not live blogging from the waiting room), no doubt being diagnosed with strep throat (again).

So you can imagine my sheer joy and almost shedding of tears when I heard this on the weather report: "Today may be the last cold day of the season, with a warm Southerly breeze bringing a warming trend to our area with highs tomorrow in the upper 40s." Warm Southerly Breeze. Upper 40s.

And please note that I am aware that I am driving you crazy with my almost weekly changes in blogger templates. I am itching for a real change. Can anyone suggest someone who will design a new blogger header for me?

I am so excited, not just for the upper 40s, but for all the greenness that is coming my way once again. I have an upcoming review of a new book from Barefoot Books (with a giveaway of said book), a new book from the Reader's Digest family on organic gardening, and, shall I mention it again, Gift of Green's Clothesline Challenge 2009!

And if you are having a rotten day, just look at Mary Beth's photo...doesn't it just bring a Warm Southerly Breeze to your face?


Robin said...

This has been the longest winter, ever. I've been thumbing through my seed catalogs like they're books of spells. One day I'll see some crocuses poking through the leaves and I'll faint from pure joy...

Elisabeth said...

I happen to L-O-V-E the month of February, despite the grey days. I decided to force some tulip bulbs that I found in the garage and they are doing beautifully! I recommend forcing some bulbs indoors during the dreary weather months!!!

BTW, do you select the word verification words or are they randomly assigned?

Gift of Green said...

R - I love that! Books of spells - well, there is the name of your next gardening blog!

E - they are randomly assigned. Why are they throwing out some x-rated word verification words?

Dayna said...

I love how being in a cold clime can make you adore a warm 40 degree breeze. The other day we had a balmy 3 and I nearly did a jig. We have had some green stuff poke through patches of snow - JOY OH JOY!!!

I too have been clinging to seed catalogs and chicken and bee catalogs (a pipe dream). I am excited to think that the days could warm enough that I can start taking laundry back outside...especially some of the bedding around here...I am eager to rip the plastic off the windows and get some fresh air.

If you need help with a header I may be able to help you out. Let me know!

ames said...

I was also going to volunteer if you needed help with a header...if'n ya need it.