Saturday, May 3, 2008

Kashi's Thin Crust Pizza - T'um's Up!

{Today I washed one load of laundry and line dried one load of laundry = 100% line dried laundry today! (But the rains are coming!) It's never too late to join Gift of Green's Clothesline Challenge 2008!}

I have always been a fan of Kashi products and was eating them way before, by some miracle, Kashi contacted me about taste-testing their new thin crust pizza. While it's not so new anymore (sorry, Kashi) I wanted to let you all know that this family gave Kashi Thin Crust pizzas the T'um's Up Award! :)

Kashi sent to me, free of charge (full disclosure here), their three thin crust pizzas to try. The mushroom trio and spinach and the roasted vegetable were quite yummy and did not suffer from that thin crust "snap" that makes you feel like you've just bit into a stale tortilla. I must be frank when I write that these pizzas (meaning the toppings) were a bit too "different" for my pre-schoolers. They are pepperoni lovers on "original" crust kind of kids - but the adults gobbled them up. One odd thing about the very fresh tasting vegetable toppings - they seemed to be distributed a bit unevenly - some slices had no toppings while other had mucho. Perhaps their topping distributing machine was on the fritz or perhaps the veggies shifted in transport? Who knows - they were easily redistributed once the pizzas were cooked, but that's one little area that might need a bit of tweeking.

Overall, a T'um's Up for Kashi's thin crust pizza!


ames said...

Flax seed in the crust?? Ooooh, now I'm intrigued! I'm a die-hard Amy's fan when it comes to frozen pizza...but Kashi's a good company.

Jenny said...

So glad you are back.

I will do the intermediate challenge.